WHEN EVERYBODY LEFT WITH THE 'B' RIDE EXCEPT 3 OF US I was a touch disappointed.  After getting shelled on Saturday I knew only the famous TMWC 'A' could get me back in shape, and I was counting on a proper butt kicking by the heavy hitters...

... but, they all rolled 'B', except, that is, 3 of us.

The other 2 wanted to leave early to make sure we'd catch... I wanted to wait the full 5 mimutes, first out of respect for those thinking the ride leaves at 630; and second, to make sure it'd be extree hard.

At 630, we hit it.  

As hoped, Joe E and young Cody were counting on the 630 start and jumped on.

Now we were 5 against 20ish.

But, it's a funny thing... when you have in your head you're on the 'A' ride, you know you're all in.  Giving it all ya got.

On the 'B', not so much.

The humidity was high, sweat and mist poured down my face.  My tongue flapping in the wind.

30 second pulls.

Right on the rivet.

We caught a few dropped riders on the first climb and woulda caught the group soon... but, committed to the 'A' loop, we did the extra credit... adding 3ish minutes.

Back on the course, we picked off the same stragglers and soon could see the main group on The Wall.

My earlier disappointment turned to glee.

Damn it was good to be back.

For my friend Will, it was his first time on the ride.  He rode 'B', and did just fine.  Now he wants to do 'A'...

... especially after he got 60 Stravacups and I got zilch.

While he pointed out the Rookie gets the cups and the veteran gets skunked... I got the full cup of butt kicking I wanted.

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166.2 lbs (4th of July Blubber)
Stretch n Roll
7.5 hours sleep