SOMETIMES, LIKE RIGHT THIS SECOND, I JUST GOTTA OWN MY SHIZ.  While I'd really, really, really, really like to lie about something.  Not even gonna sugar coat it.  Because we all know...

... it's best to rip the scab off.

I reckon you're like me, prefer to just talk about the good stuff, the wins, the PRs... and very heavily gloss over the bad stuff, the losses, the major steps backwards.

But, if there's one thing I learned from the great David Goggins... until we own our shiz, we're gonna be stuck.

And who wants to be stuck?... like when you get caught out by a deluge and the mud turns to cement, sucking your shoes off... or you get to the top of the climb 12 miles from civilization and get a flat, and you don't have the necessarys to fix it... or when you've bonked in the middle of nowhere and your energy has vamoosed on ya, and you forgot your wallet...

... who wants that?


But, bike riders like us, as good as we are, can still really screw things up.

What don't I want to own up to right now?  Oh, just packing on 5 lbs in the last 10 days by simply cheating a little teencyweency bit every day.  

It happens.

I know.

Too often I've "forgotten" to record my weight on those days.  Been eversotempted to fudge the numbers on the blog.

But, here's el problemo.

Next week or month or year... I'll want to review where I was today and if I don't record anything, it's not that it didn't happen, it's that I can't learn from what happened... can't make adjustments... can't recognize further failure nor marked improvement.

Yeah, I'm into recording shtuff.  I'm into owning my shiz.  I'm into improving...

... and I'm really into this Hypervolt for recovery.

It's so very, very good and working out all the damage we do on the really hard days... the ones where we just might be taking out our foulups on the roads, trails and hearts we hammer.  

I'm going to need it tomorrow night, for sure.

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30 PullUps/100 PushUps
8 hrs sleep