PETE AND I FOUND THIS KID TO CUT OUR HAIR.  His exuberance for life and hair was magnetic.  He grew up with Brian Lopes, and recycled his stories for us.  But, the best part about this kid was his constant, and I mean constant, use of the phrase...

...Right on!...

Hey man, how's the riding?

Super good.

Right on!

And the family?

They are great.

Right on!

Everything ended with Right on!

Dudes being dudes, Pete and I started saying Ride on! to everything he said.

How's are the ladies treating you?

Oh man, my girl is sweet.

Ride on!

And biz?

You know I love what I do.

Ride on!

Years, decades?, later, we still work it into our conversations with each other.

How's was your trip?

We had a blast.

Ride on!

Did you take your bike?

No, just surf and wife time.

Ride on!

My son sent a text early this morning.  

Back to my normal schedule!! After sleeping in all last week, it feels great to be up before the sun again! Sticking to a schedule is huge—the experts were right!

He's right.

It's time to get back on schedule.

Tomorrow, I'm doing TMWC.  Not with the crew.  Not wise.  Not cool.  By myself.  Back on schedule. It's time to...

... Ride on!

PS... have some fun, work Ride on! into your lexicon.


164.6 lbs 
100 pushups
8 hours sleep

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