TODD BROWN racerness

THE SUN POUNDED ON MY BACK, sweat poured onto my glasses, and my quarter horse legs turned mule.  Dust whipped and swirled a mocking dance, but I kept on.... because I could see my friends' tiny silhouettes far ahead.

I'll be damned if those cats are gonna put the hurt on me!

Why?... because we ride and train together and I know (think? hope? pray?) I can keep up.

I'm part of that, I whisper to no one.... 

Riders of a feather, race together... jingled in my head. 

When it was over.
I looked that podiums.

Many were filled with friends.  And those that weren't friends before were talking about meetin' up for some future riding and training.


Because they've found a kindred spirit with kindred talent... and they're into the social side, the personal challenge side, the learning side...  way more important than the winning side.

Which is why riders of a feather, race together.


7 hrs
Ride with us: click for info. 

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