IT WAS MORE THAN MISTY, LESS THAN RAINY, OCCASIONALLY DRIZZLY.  About an hour in and my socks, gloves and butt were soaked.  I wasn't cold, just drenched.  My Wahoo screen's message was only a wish...


While stopped at one of the few lights on the route, I thought to myself...

... I wish.

We rode on.

I would say it was more of a commitment to the plan than joy to be riding.  A lot more.  But, there was something else...

... something to be overcome.

First, there's the obvious If I can't handle the rain on a training ride, how am I gonna deal with it racing?

  • Flats.  We saw a lot of cats pulled over fixing flats.  Fortunately, the four of us are all running tubeless set ups and this wasn't an issue.  
  • Traction.  I dropped my PSI a bit and felt confident all day except one turn where I found myself on our extraslick road paint.  A minor slip, a great reminder to stay off the paint, all paint.
  • Being soaked sucks, but before long we adjust and adapt.
  • Lube, my UFO lube got pretty noisy after 3 hours.
  • Food.  Still gotta eat and drink, but we drank a lot less - we weren't hammering.
  • Glasses.  Love my photochromatic lens for all light conditions.

Seeing far fewer riders on the today reminded me why the rain never bothers me in a race, because I know most aren't nearly as prepared...

... one of the greatest superpowers of all is experience.


It's always good to have lights on board, especially as the days shorten.

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9 hrs (Vuelta induced nap)
 PullUps 0 PushUps
20 min Stretch

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