ENERGY, HUMILITY, KINDNESS, GRACE, TEACHER, PATIENT... the kinda guy you want to hang out with, who makes you want to be a better human.  That was Fritz. 

He was my first custom cycling gear customer when I started the company.  We had been friends for many years prior.  He believed in me, encouraged me.  Got on me when we got it wrong, championed us as we grew and got better. 

The past few weeks my spider sense had encouraged me to give him a call.  But, I didn't.  Wrapped up in my own busy-ness.  Pathetic really, how are my senses so dull?.. and now my friend is gone.

Dave called.  I was on a date with my Surfergirl.  I texted, Can I call you later?  He texted, Fritz died, heart attack.  I called Dave immediately, and he filled in what I had missed.

I cried.

Fritz' sweet Carol passed 2 weeks prior due to cancer.  This had been a very long battle and we talked about it many times, about life and death and what lies beyond.  We shared our faith.

They were lovers.  His tender concern for her and life without her was obvious.  I believe it broke his heart.

God, I'll miss his smile,
his sandy voice and perfect beard.
Ride on my friend,
ride on to the arms of your love.
Ride on my friend,
ride on.