NOT EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS, or remembers to do it... or has the luxury of following this restful recipe.  It's a good practice for the day before a race.

If you're standing, sit.
If you're sitting, lie.
If you're lying, put your feed up.
If you're feet are up, sleep.

Most of the time we are hustling to take care of business or chores or family, and hoping all goes according to plan and we can cut out for a race in the morning.  If we're lucky, we'll get to bed early.

Tuck that little missive away until your next big race.

Better yet, try it out before your next big ride.

It's harder than you think, and better than you think.


I also promise having a RaceDay Bag™ will make your day that much more restful.

This would be a great place to insert what a wonderful gift the bag makes, but then I remembered racer Ryan's purchase this week...

I need another bag.

You do?

Yep, I want one for MTB and one for Road.  I'm going to have them each loaded and ready to go.

It still makes a wonderful gift, and let's be honest, nobody appreciates a good bag more than us.

You know, we never to promo codes for the bags.  But if you search really hard there's one out there.

I'm going to hide it right here in this lengthy paragraph.  Normally, I'd put it in bold.  But, that would make it too easy.  The code, if you were to search for it, is SAVE10.  It's an old code.  It works today.  But, I think it's time to retire it.  Use it while it works.


161.2 lbs
8.5 hours sleep