THE YOUNG PRO PULLS THROUGH AND IMMEDIATELY FLICKS HIS SMOOTH ELBOW.  The wily veteran, with the wrinkly elbow, just laughs. And while these fun and games are going along...

... the ex-pro proceeds to mock us all...

Flying by at about 100mph, his aero aluminum antique chops through the air.  Like scared geese we lift off to chase.  I'm about 1000 guys back in no time.

It's an impressive move from a pretty cool cat who hung up the numbers to raise the kids and pay the bills.  I like this part of the ride, when we roll through his part of town and he reminds us all he squash us at his leisure.

Speaking of leisure, I overheard AE say that since he's moved to town he no longer wonders what he's going to do on Saturday because MG has taken over the job as cruise director and basically tells us all what we're going to do.

Speaking of MG, I was reminiscing when he first moved in and didn't know his DuraAce from his quick release.  The good ol' days, I could drop him at will. 

Speaking of Will, I saw him gathering a group of riders this morning doing something I am too selfish to do.  He's been rounding up guys that kinda ride and useta ride and wanna ride and patiently showing 'em cool routes around town.

Speaking of going around, I've noticed quite a few creaky bikes of late... some of them finding their way into our destination... and I've learned a sad truth.  With the incredible backlog of service in most shops people - the less mechanically inclined, like yours Diesely - are letting things go too long.  My fine friends, these little creaks can turn into irreparable damage.  Git yer bikes serviced at your local shop.

Speaking of bike service, if yer local you can make an appointment here:

Yeah, I know it's really odd to make an appointment for your bike.  Even stranger to be met by the mechanic and taken care of within an hour or so - most of the time.  But, you know... we do things different over here. 

Speaking of over here... we've painted and scrubbed and beautified the unit next door.  We'll be there next week.

Speaking of next... at the end of next month we're going to be giving away 3 loaded with goodness RaceDay Bags™.  Have you entere?

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163.6 lbs
Body Surf
6.5 hours sleep (stayed up late watching Euro Vision Song Contest with Surfergirl, my bike widow.)