I DON'T ALWAYS GO TO TEAM MEETINGS, but when I do it's because they resonate with me.

Some teams are so good at getting their message out... what they stand for, people naturally want to join.

In the case of ThinkMTB, the founders' lives all changed when they discovered mountain biking.  

The team started as a company wellness program, and although the owner sold the business he's kept sponsoring the team.

That's passion.

I dig that.

It resonates with me.

It's what inspires me to write each day... to know that maybe some slothful soul will conquer Rollover Disease and get out and ride.

It's why we're "the girl" or "the guy" everybody in our family and on our street turns to for all their biking questions.

We are resonating with them when it comes to bikes and health.

It's why soakingwet-Bryan replied to my Dreaming of Hell and High Water message confirming he got it done.

We may not be any smarter, but at least we're healthy.


164.2 lbs 
7 hours sleep

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