ON A LAZY SUNDAY MORNING I saw giants taking powerful swings at each other.  Not out the window, but on a piece of glass I held in my hand.  Not within 100 miles, but on another continent.  Not actual giants...

... but the best racers in Spain.

I don't know how anybody could possibly be riveted to this like I am...

... without personally having felt debilitating effects of the wind increasing as you get dropped from a winning break.

That's drama.

And pain.


We get it because most days we aren't on the sidelines...
... we're in the saddle.

We are doers, 
not viewers only.

It's a new week, let's get after it.

Even on the longest day of the year, long after the sun has risen, I'll mount up with my blinkies making me extra visible.

I love the Knogs because the offer 330 degrees of visibility when used in tandem.

And their lightweight.

And aero.

The code is DOERS




8.25 hrs 
Stretch and Hypervolt

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