i'M TRYING TO PUT INTO WORDS WHAT IT FELT LIKE TODAY... we were charging up this undulating climb.  I was struggling to hang... going from the front to the back of the group, then off the back, then back on... and as the top got closer I started to feel better.

I moved up a bit.

Finally, we could see the top... and I just thought to myself...

Screw it, I'm going for it

And why not?  Even though the ride was far from over, even though I'd pay for it for miles to come... I had to do it, had to unleash my Kraken, come what may.

It felt so good to go all out, to win that tiny hill top.

Later in the ride, at a crucial moment, I was dropped.  I never caught back on.  And, I didn't care one bit.

That little win powered me all day.


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163.6 lbs
Stretch N Hypervolt
6 hrs sleep

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