I LIKE TO READ THE CYCLING NEWS AS MUCH AS THE NEXT ADDICT, and when I saw Geraint Thomas blaming his fourth place finish on not having his Garmin on his bike... well, it got me thinking.

Is that so?

I mean, we just watched a kid blow the competition away in a time trial last weekend who said he wasn't getting any data from his team during the last 20 minutes because the crowd noise was too loud.

Isn't it possible G rode out of his mind because he didn't have his digital boss?

Then there's little ol' me... I've been snagging some pretty good PRs and bigboy cups on my new bikes with my Wahoo stuffed in my back pocket... 'cuz I been too busy to procure a proper mount.

Could it be we kneel and heal too much?

I know for the last couple of years I've tossed the Wahoo in the back pocket for most of my races.  Going on feel and using my noggin and spirit as my guides.  It's gone pretty dern well.

What if it's overwhelming us to look down and see the HR is soaring over 180 and the watts screaming beyond 400?

Truth is... sometimes it just makes it all hurt that much more.  In the middle of all the wheezing and slobbering we look down see eyepopping data and just wanna quit.   

Maybe G was free to fly?

We'll never know, but I do know this kit makes me happy because it reminds me of all the freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful country.

It was designed by the everawesome Shelby a while back, and I like to rock it often.  I have a hunch I'm not alone...

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Stretch n Roll
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