AS I DIVE DEEPER into power meter training I'm noticing a piece of data I haven't paid attention to for years.  I figured my cadence is about 85-90...

... and didn't care much about it.

All that has changed.

Because now I have a data point,
and the accompanying insight.

The higher my cadence, the better my power.

It makes sense, 
and I'll prove my case in a moment.

First, here's my discovery.

When putting out a certain amount of power, say 250 watts.  It is much easier around 98-104 RPMs.  My heart rate is lower, too.

I never would have figured this out with out watching my power and my rpms.

Is this true for everybody?
I don't know, but consider this...

... how much faster can you sprint when your cadence is high vs low?

Is that proof?
I think it is.

Here's a thing that bugs me...

... Greg LeMond poopooing the modern generation's high cadence riding.

We never rode like that, they must be on something.

Yeah Greg, they have learned way more about their bodies because they have massive amounts of data unavailable 40+ years ago.

Which brings up the Todcast I did with Tom Danielson.

Tom, I'm guessing you learn all kinds of cutting-edge training when you join a big pro team.

Not really, the teams don't really offer all that much in terms of training.  Each racer has to have their own coach and program.

What does that mean for us enthusiasts?

Same thing as always...

... if it's to be, it's up to me...

... to figure it out.

Read the books,
watch the videos,
hire the top coaches,
join the groups and forums.

The next step in this RPM breakthrough is setting up the perfect gearing so I can be in my sweetspot all the time.

Stay tuned, 
I definitely have something I'm going to be working on.


8ish hrs
Push Ups and Pull Ups
20 minutes recovery
120 minutes reading + Journaling