THERE'S A NICE BIKE LANE, with a road next to it. 

This is a perfect morning for a long ride.

That rider is going to chat me up, and it'll be good.

Samples of my default filter... and not just with a helmet atop my dome.  It's my reality, and it's nearly always correct... like today, nearly.

Up early, in the van, and hitting Swami's Long... a true leg ripper.

Made a new friend riding along the coast.  Brad.  He's stationed on Pendleton, and sporting a very expensive Trek Madone.  Must be a higher up, I figure.  Yep.  Which means when he says The base has some sweet gravel roads I'll take you on, it will happen. 

Things were going to plan.

It was a nice morning, chilly.  But, sunny.  And I was comfy and aero with the KOM jacket.

I knew it would be a longish ride, 80 or so miles.  And it would be fast.  And... I was counting on it being hard, with a very high potential of me getting left behind at some point.

Not multiple points.

That wasn't the reality I was looking for.

But there I was, dangling off the back as we roared into Elfin Forest... the back of the second group, ugh.

Not a good sign, as two more giant challenges lay waiting.

The big boys went left, to go "Long".  Yes, yes, definitely signed up for this.

Lake Wolford's 2 mile climb should take me 10 minutes... not over 11, with me riding solo. Ugh X 2.

The final regroup at the store introduced me to Dave.  He moved down from Toronto because his wife couldn't do another winter.  30 lbs later, he's a player on this ride, even though it was his first time.

I warned him... Dave, the next section is twisty, punchy, and very pretty.  Pay attention.  I warned myself too... Get it together Diesel, 30 miles to go... with a headwind the last 6.  Buckle down!

Somehow, it was almost easy.

Made it no problem, putting in my fair share of pulls.

Perhaps we took it easy?

Not so, data shows we were flying.

Did that pep talk change my reality?

... something to think about.

Something else to think about would be, should I ride with a taillight at all times?

Answer, YES!

Which one?

Well, this is the one I love... 330 degrees of retinasearing power.

They're sold out all the time, but I got my hands on 10 for y'all..

...and if you click the link you can see how badly I want you to be seen.


23 pull ups
6.5 hrs sleep (no bueno)

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