TOWARDS THE END OF MY RIDE SATURDAY, I came down an extremely steep trail... it's just at the edge of being a controlled skid - that kinda steep... and turned sharply to cross through the motorcycle barrier.  At the same time, another rider came from an alternate trail and rather than dismounting rode right through the open gate.

There, my friends, is a perfect example of enemy number two.


I've approached that barrier hundreds of time, and the gate is never open.  Naturally, I went with what I've burned into my brain as the only way out... and it was completely the wrong thing to do when I could have easily stayed on my bike.

And the thing about habits is their effect is slow moving...

... towards greatness or damn that was dumb.

Chris, The Wrench, has a wonderful habit.  Before he can start on the next bike, he has to put all his tools away.  Guess what?... he never wonders where his tools are.

I have a habit of getting everything ready the night before my morning ride:  clothes out, glasses cleaned, batteries charged, bottles made, etc.

Some riders have the habit of looking at all the dangers a particular route may encompass.  My experience with these types of riders is they seem to will disaster into their lives.

Other riders have a habit of eating huge meals and late o'clock.  Result:  disrupted sleep and extra ballast.

The thing about habits is they become automatic. And we don't even realize how they've molded us... but sometimes it's towards really good outcomes.

Of course, one of our greatest habits is riding our bikes.  If you've got a friend that needs a reminder about this habit...


Or maybe it's no one in particular, but you just like preaching this wonderful message of getting out and riding.

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160.2 lbs
7.5 hours sleep