LIKE IT OR NOT, WE'VE ALL GOT ENEMIES.  And, that's okay.  Because enemies can bring out the best in us.  Therefore, I present the first in a long list of Racer Enemies and the potential for greatness each holds.

First up, the first up... it's a gift, really.

We get it when we're born, and it can be a real hinderance to going fast.  However, once we get control of this enemy everything in life improves.

You guessed it, right?... our very own body.

Neglected, this wonderful treasure becomes sluggish at best.

No amount of unobtanium parts of a bike can make up for the neglected goods inside our birthday suits.

On that note, I put on weight with each one of my wife's pregnancies.  Yep, a full 33 lbs heavier than I am today.

Little by little I carved it off.

Along the way, I learned what my body craves for maximum health.  It doesn't just show on the bike.  It's off the bike as well.

Overall energy high
All health indicators high
Mental clarity better
Mood swings minimized
and so on.

The point is to put in place a system for optimal health and patiently stick with it.  The result, and it takes time!, we get a lot faster on the bikes and a lot better in every other endeavor.

I've been thinking about this because lately my friends have been casually slipping their weight into our conversations.  You know, real slylike...

Dude, I'm down 12 lbs!

... subtle right?

They're stoked.  And they should be.  It feels really, really, really good to be light.

Speaking of kids... the best thing my son every told me when we trying to have better diets was this...

... we're not dieting, we're athletes...

Try that one on the next person that chides your food choices...

... I'm not dieting, I'm an athlete.

It works surprising wonders.  Because we are athletes... we are designed to run long distances for long periods of time.  We are hunters by nature.

When racing, like I will be next week, there are only 3 things I put into my body.  


GQ6 hydration for sure. 

Because the course is going to be fast with constant turns and short power climbs through the desert, I'll probably only be able to drink.

Which means I'll go with 3 scoops/bottle.

I might not even go with bottles.  It's going to be that fast.  I might go with the Camelbak.  It's just a lot easier to grab that hose and suck in some good stuff and let the hose fall from my mouth. 

I reckon I'll thrown 1 Honeystinger in my pocket just in case I get that empty hungry feeling... but, I doubt that's going to happen.

It's unlikely I'll need the SaltStick.  It's only 40 miles and should be over in 2.5 hrs.

Since it's always good to be prepared, I'll bring all three potions.

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161.2 lbs
StandUpPaddle for an hour
7.5 hours sleep