THERE'S A NASTY UNDERCURRENT AT MOST RACES.  It has to do with respect.  The new cat has none...

... the established have it all.

How you garner it is one question, why you want it quite another.

Some is earned by simply being a regular, being known in the racing community.

Some is borrowed by association with others.

Some by having skills.

All of it is earned, usually hard-earned work on the front.

Easily lost, most commonly by intemporance.

Why you want it isn't because your puny and fragile ego demands it.


You want it because it opens the doors when the racing is frantic...

... you are allowed in, where the action is.

Today, I rode with a most intimidating group.  The first time I showed up I was rudely escorted to the back.  Given no quarter.  I kept showing up when I could.  Eventually made a few connections.  

Now I get to play up front...

... if you call wheezing the rest of the day playing.

 I'll leave you with two quotes from the movie RESPECT:

  • I need you to focus, and avoid frivolous distractions.
  • Find a song that moves you, until you do that you ain't going nowhere.


Of course, amongst the cars sometimes you need a little help... like a light!

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7 hrs  
20 Pull Ups + 24 Power PushUps + 20 Heavy Squats
20 minutes recovery
30 minutes reading + Journaling