PRETTY SURE I LOST A LOT OF MUSCLE FRUIT TILL NOON.  Not enough protein.  The Ask A Cycling Coach podcast covered protein a bit last week.  Just in time for The Old Diesel to get some guidelines.

Quick takeaways:

1.  Protein aids recovery.
2.  High intensity, LSD, weightlifting all demand protein right after.
3.  Master athletes need even more protein.
4.  Per FDA 1 gram protein/kg of body weight.  Endurance and Masters athlete 2 grams/kg of bw.
5.  Types of protein:  Whey and Casein both milk proteins.  Whey is most absorbable.  Casein longer to absorb.  Both have Lucine. If you're lactose intolerant  there are options with whey and plant based.
6.  Chocolate milk is great.  Protein, and sugar.  Available at gas stations after a ride.
7.  Masters should take protein just prior to bed.  Helps with recovery and helps with sounder sleep.

The biggest is weight loss while neglecting protein is a fail.  I think that's where I am right now.  Wonder how long it will take to get back... had a protein shake in the morning, carne asada for lunch, taco soup for dinner.

Here's the podcast... protein talk starts Min 36:38.

... remember, you get what you pay for and this cost you exactly zero... : )


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