I USED TO THINK I WAS PREPARED.  Now I know what a rank amateur I've been when it comes to racing.

Sure, I'd check out the course profile.

If I could, I'd pre-ride it.

Talk to a few friends.

Hash it out.

But, what if my life depended on it?  Of course, it doesn't.  But, what if it did?

How would I prepare?

When would the preparation start?

Who would I consult?

Where would I train?

Why would I do it?

Actually, my most successful accomplishments have all entailed pre-riding the course many times.  Steady consultation with a coach.  Support from Surfergirl.  I haven't been totally winging it.

But, I've never done anything remotely close the preparation Alex Honnold put into climbing El Capitan without any ropes.

What if I did?

And it wasn't just a bike race,
but, life itself...
like my life depends on it.

 Watch this, it's worth it if you're looking for some deep inspiration.

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