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WE’RE GOING TO BE PRE-RIDING THE HUNKR-LA COURSE SATURDAY, 9/22.  You should come.  You’ll get a chance to ride Historic Route 99 – cars haven’t been on it in 50 years.  We’ll then be on a pristine country road before we turn off onto the dirt.  It’ll be an adventure.

Seeing any race course ahead of time is one of the best we can do to make the big day go better.

Pros pre-ride.
Champions pre-ride.
Racers looking to do their best pre-ride.

Why do they all pre-ride? Because familiarity breeds…. speed, confidence, tranquility.  It gives us a chance to determine which equipment set up, apparel, food will be best.

A proper pre-ride is done at a pace that lets us take it all in.  If need be, we can go back over a tricky section a few times to burn it into the brain.

The more you pre-ride the more you can dial in the course’s features.  It will always, ALWAYS, be worth the effort.

It’s not the end of the of world if you can’t make it.  Heck, many of us have had amazing days on courses we’ve never seen.

But, if you can make it happen… do it.
Come prepared and be sure to bring a riding buddy,
3 water large water bottles,
and plenty of food.

Details:  We’ll be meeting at the corner of Ridge Route and Castaic Lake.  The CBS Cycling group ride will be coming through about 7:30am.  We’ll ride with them through Lake Hughes then we’ll turn and hit the dirt finish of HUNKR.  There should be water stashed, but no food.  The only store will be closed.  Be prepared, the group won’t be waiting.  Plan on an elapsed time of about 5 hours, and 90 degree heat.  Whippee!


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