IN OLD TIME MOVIES THE ACTORS WOULD GO FROM FLIRTATIOUS TO DISHEVELED IN BED SMOKING A CIGARETTE signaling they'd just had a good roll in the sack.  Around these parts, bike riders go from kitted up to disheveled and mowing down pastries chugging their favorite liquid... signaling we've just had a good roll through the citycountrytrails.

It's a favorite ritual of mine, and I like it alone.

On Saturdays.

After goodbyes.

Recently I found a place with bomb breakfast burritos.  So much more than a waif pastry.  

I order... well first I make sure to grab my chair and table on the busy sidewalk...

A blondie always asks Traditional or vegan.

It feels a little like a question of morals...


It's only a question of calories for me.

Then I wait... longer than you'd think.  But, I enjoy the anticipation.  Do they make them from scratch when ordered or just heat up something made earlier in the day?  Don't know, don't care.  It's that good.

Today as I was savoring my burro, I met P.  He's a government contractor who cares for the wounded from Los Altos to Pendleton to San Diego.  Super good dude.

Where'd you ride?

Up here and over there.

I used to ride a lot... never could get comfortable with the shoes and being locked in.

Yeah, it's tricky.

Now I swim.

After a good while chatting and people watching - I find tourists to be highly entertaining - I head home.

At some point, I realize my wallet is missing.

This isn't just any wallet.  It's my RaceDay wallet, and I know there's no way it fell out of my jersey.  I check everywhere around the house.  Nada.  Then it hits me... I must have left it at my stop.  And I'll bet good ol' P found it and turned it.

High Tide Coffe, this is Nick.

Hi Nick, it's Todd... I think

Hey brother, I have your wallet.

See ya in 5.

I pull up on my scooter.



Yeah, thanks so much.

Who found it?

Bethany, it was on the chair.

High Tide Coffe... good burritos, great morals!

I guess the only negative on the RaceDay wallet is it's made from bicycle inner tubes and it's a little hard to see.  On, and it's super soft.  And quiet.  Meaning, if you lay it down on a black chair while eating an amazing breakfast burrito you might forget it after being in culinary euphoria.

But, that's it.

I know a lot riders prefer a sandwich baggie or some other plastic thingy to carry some cash, ID, and CCs... but, there's really no comparison.

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162 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hours sleep