UNDER MY GLOVE WAS A HAND COVERED IT GRIME.  My sock had a nice bloody red circle.  Just under 90 minutes of lung hucking effort. Yet, as we gathered for a post ride pic all we could do was smile...

... we'd all perceived having a good time.

Even though I'd crashed twice and had the grime and bloodshed to prove different.

But even weirder was looking at my times. 

I was sure each lap was slower, while catching up to the leaders on the last lap.  I'd definitely felt I'd backed things off the last 2 laps.  It was at the midway point where I settled in, loosed up a bit and tried flowing more than pushing hard.

My perceived exertion was much easier than the first two laps.

Yet Strava Almighty revealed the opposite.

My lap times had actually improved.

Things that make ya go hmmm

I have to hand it to Strava though... for coming up with the silliest perceived effort of all.  I "earned" no fewer than 7 Local Legend wreaths tonight and the idea the Strava perceives anybody cares is just plain silly.

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One that is cut for an athlete.

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165.3 lbs
Stretch and Hypervolt.