PEDALposse Rules 6-10

PEDALposse Rules 6-10

They say rules are made to be broken... break these at your own risk.

6.  If you're going to lead, be the last one to lead - win the damn race!

7.  Thy bike may be dirty, thy drivetrain must be pristine.

8.  Always invite the ladies - they're nicer and don't smell - they may politely decline, keep inviting.

9.  Group rides start on time - failure to heed leads to ride death.

10.  Thou shalt not show thy butt crack via thread barren bibs - and if thou shalt be subjected to such offense thou shalt shame the offender without mercy.

Speaking of threads, I found a pile of these superlight socks while prepping for our upcoming move... and I'd sure like to find a home for them.

This particular sock was only made in the size OFSM - one size fits most which is 9-12.

So, if you're that size... and you like gray... and have 8 shekels that need a home... that's all it takes to get these delivered to you.


Production is back up and running, most custom orders placed prior to 4/1 will ship week of 5/18, custom orders placed in April will ship towards the end of the month, custom orders placed now will ship in approximately 4 weeks from art approval.


166.6 lbs
Stretch n Roll 
8 hours sleep