I COULD TELL HE WAS GOING TO CRASH AS SOON AS I HEARD HIS SIDEWALLS SLIPSLIDING AWAY.  But, there was nothing I could do because I was right on his rear wheel.  I hoped he'd scrape away from me or bounce off the trail.  Instead, I landed on him and on my right wrist.

Not a scratch on me.
Adrenaline spiked.

I popped up, mashed my cleats into the pedals and went all out for 5 minutes to get back up to the leader.  Slowly the wrist's signals broke the news to me... 

Hey Pal, it's me, your right wrist.  We got a problem.

You mean, you gotta a problem because me and the rest of The Old Diesel are racin' so shut up and hang on!

Oh, I see what you mean.  Well, I'll suck it up.  But you'll be sorry-er, late-er.

Whatever Right Wrist, just do your job.

This cute little conversation lasted long enough for me to recover a bit and get my bearings on things.  It kinda kept my mind off how much the rest of my body was hurting as these guys were going all out... apparently they were racing too, and at least one of them got his bell rung pretty good and rode the adrenalin train back up to the front of the action.  
Hee-haw... that's racing folks.
Sucks to go down, but it happens.
Sucks worse to not race, don't let that happen.
PS:  Picked up some peas and Advil on the way home, before I hit Chic-fil-A for some nuggets and ice cream.
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