IT WASN'T THEIR YOUTH, THEIR HIPSTER GARB OR EVEN THE BLUE HAIR.  It wasn't even their electric unicycles tearing down the single track.  It was their smug essence, knowing how cool they were.

I couldn't help myself, blurting Is it wrong of me to hope they crash?

That's Schadenfreude Todd.


Schadenfreude... when you find pleasure in another's pain.

Who knew you could expand your vocabulary on a bike ride?  Of course, I'd seen that word before, but I had  just speed on never really understanding it. But here, my-other-brother-Brandon-from-another-mother was filling me in.  Making it clear.

You know what else was clear?... I've got a lotta Schadenfreude when it comes to bike racing.  I really enjoy watching other racers suffer.  And, if it's because of my efforts... even better.

Wishing ill on the hipsters, that's a little cruel, but enjoying other racers suffering that's beautiful.  How else are you going to get better if you don't suffer... even a little?

Pardon my Schadenfreude,
I'll pardon yours.

PS... this does look pretty fun.  

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