THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT A GOOD PANCAKE.  At just the right temperature just the right amount of crispiness, real melted butter and real maple syrup... well, is there anything better?


The pancake flat ride around the Back Bay of Newport Beach was pretty darn awesome this afternoon.  While points inland seared, the coast was a moist 77 tempered by an easy breeze. 

The route, if ya haven't done it, is a mostly car free, buttery smooth bike trail along a beautiful wildlife refuge my grampa tried to dredge for waterskiing way back when...

On a weekday, things are quite.
Many birds, few people.
A place to glide and think and savor.
Which I did.

I rode by Grampa's place,
thought about our bike rides together,
Facetimed Mom, his little girl...
told her I love her.


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