CAN YOU IMAGINE THE EFFORT IT TAKES TO PUT ON A BIKE RACE?  Think of a wedding with 300 brides and 300 grooms and they all want to be recognized as the most-bestest couple ever.  Plus, half of these couples have brought their friends and family to witness their commitment and dedication.  Because that's what racers and lovers are:  committed and dedicated.  

Now imagine you're doing it for the 99th time.

Tomorrow, May 8th, will be the 99th time Matt Wenger and his crew have put an Over The Hump MTB race.  It's a race they've built into the largest mid-week mountain bike race in the country... maybe the world.

How'd they do it?  By having fun.

Don't let the word Race scare ya, it's first and foremost a party. Most folks are in the I'm-a-beginner-and-just-wanna-have-fun category.  Sure there's racing and timing, but there's also a race just for kids... which will give you hope for the future.

Should you do it?  Yes, definitely... first-timer or grizzlednadchizzled pro.

While your at it... give this guy a high-five.  He's earned it.


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