IN A TINY, FORGOTTEN TOWN, A MAN NAMED JEFF STOPPED ME.  We'd been eyeing each other in the Cowboy Smokehouse between bites of excellent food.  I got up to leave and he shouted across the empty establishment...

... there was something about him and I wasn't sure I liked it.

Nice hat.

Like it?

Yep, every day is race day.

Ha... you race?


I saw Nationals was in Vegas over the weekend, were you there?


How'd you do?

I made all my mains and in the final this sunuvagun did a nose wheelie and blocked my line in the final turn.


That's racing.

What category?

56-60 Open.

Tough group.

You know it.

Been at it long?

All my life.

No wonder you made the finals.

Yep.  I know I'm good for 30 seconds.  Not much more.  But, ya know, most guys my age are in terrible shape.  And, I'm still darn good for 30 seconds.

I didn't just like this cat, I loved him.  A badass, near 60.  Wiry.  Pure muscle.  But, the best part is...

... he knew what he was good for.

30 seconds.

For some reason, I reflected on that encounter while visiting a childhood home of Robert Leroy Parker today.  Maybe it was this line written on November 8, 1901...

... he has more lives than a dozen cats...

... because if you're planning a life full of adventure you better be in great shape.

You know else you might need, a good outlaw name, not that we are outlaws, but it is nice to have an alter ego and I thought this line was perfect...

... better known as, Butch Cassidy.

So, what's your outlaw name...

... and what are you good for?


If you're tubeless and leading a life of adventure, ya might spring a leak from time to time.

These is the system I use for quickly plugging a tubeless tire.

It's super fast.

Just jam a little dart in the hole, air up, and ride on!

Plus, the systems is super light and takes up very little space in my Mini RaceDay Bag™.

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8 hrs
Stretch and HyperVolt
https://www.strava.com/activities/5659594965 (this is what The Old Diesel is good for)

Ride with us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/pedalindustries

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