IT'S 92 DEGREES, I'VE RIDDEN 92 MILES.  I'm a long way from home.  How did I get here?

It didn't seem too ambitious.  The plan was to do the usual 7am start, ride up to Irvine for Food Park.  

Then... do all of FP and meet Trevor in Newport.  He's just getting back on the bike.  We planned a very easy spin around Back Bay, a dad and his boy catching up.

And then... I'd head home.  After all, Surfergirl is outta town so might as well get a few more miles in.

That's how I got here - by myself, racing through Irvine, foolishly trying to get my average speed up to 20mph.

I see Sasha is still out riding hard, but our paths are different... as are our speeds.
I see the Dr. Pepper I'd been dreaming of is out of order.
I see the Mexican popsicles are well represented.
I see my giant carne asada burrito disappear.
I see the iPad is ready to show La Vuelta
I see my bed.
I see...



nice, cool, foggy start

nice cool, foggy start

my favorite rider


real food

i feel a lot like this cat... and I bet he's sleeping too


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