THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE YEAR we had a repeat winner at The unOFFICIAL Tuesday Morning World Championships.  Not only didn't we have a repeat winner...

... the winner careened off course more than once.

Put that in your tubeless tires and smoke it.

It's the kind of thing that could bug a lesser racer.  A newb, neverseenit laying waste to all comers, after losing chunks of road and time...

... while the rest of us are latched like chihuahuas on a charging bull.

It's actually worse.

Sir Luke is a Brit...

... barely rides on the right side of the road.

Though we all finished within a few seconds or minutes of the lead pack, few of us were in contention.

There's a big difference between race speed and ride speed.

Our ride speed was ho-hum as far as overall finishing time.

The race was won by

  • The punishing pace Nick set up the first climb
  • The daring stab David took on the bike path
  • The constant attacks of Jorge and Michael
  • The launch on The Wall by Eric
  • The ferocious finish by Luke

All told, around 8 minutes of the 59 minutes required to cover 20 mi and 1800' of vert determined the winner...

... or 9ish minutes for Luke.

Yeah, that bugs me enough get fired up for next year...

... we're all coming for yer Red Coat!


I sported next year's 20th Anniversary kit this morning.

I'll be making a special Winner's version for Luke.

You can use this code to save 20% on next year's kit: TMWC20TH



7 hrs
17.1% b.f.
60.5% h2o
2 lite Strength Rotation
30 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 

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