IT MATTERS, THE ORDER WE DO THINGS.  And, I'm constantly tinkering with how best to start the day.

But, the reason for a particular way to start the day might make it more powerful.

For example... first we put on our socks, then our riding shoes.  First we prepare our drink in the bottles, then we load them into the cages.

Well duh! 

Yeah, I know... but check this one out.

For many years, when the kids were small and at home, I'd get out and ride my bike first thing.  The reason was to be sure I got my workout in.

The last four or five years, I've gotten up to read something uplifting then planned my day then got the ride in.  The reason being... honestly I can't remember the reason.

Over the weekend, one of my nowadultkids shared his new routine:

Dad, I get up and put my running shoes on and go for a run first thing.  Every day.

Since when?


Then what do you do?

Come back, meditate and review the day ahead.

Why in that order?

Because it's easier for my brain to wake up while I'm running.  Then, when I return I'm alert and have a better session meditating and clearer view on what I'm going to accomplish.

How's it going?

I love it.

So, I checked with another of my nowadultkids.

How do you start your day?

Wake up, and I'm out the door walking to the gym in five minutes.  Listening to a podcast.




Then, I crank the workout jam music and get after it.

How long you been doing that?

3 years, since I started working.


It just works... I'm just ready to crank at work.

Do you ever skip?


I'm a whole 3 days in... and gotta tell ya, I think the punks are onto something.

Here's the secret sauce, 'cause we've got gear...

... I get it all prepped the night before, the bike is by the front door and all the gear is laid out and ready.  All I have to do is grab my bottle from the fridge and start pedaling.   

Come back, straight to the shower for no more than one song, quickly fuel my body, then purposely fuel my mind for the day.


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Dear Old Diesel,

I had so much energy when I rolled up to my driveway and then crashed hard after I showered. Ice pack on my head and heating pad on my neck!  What do you do for recovery?

Thanks, NM

PS... I thought it was just a social ride...

Dear NM

My go to recovery is a handful of amino acid tablets as soon as I walk in the door.  Followed by a quick shower.  Then a smoothie with protein power (sometimes 2 of these if it's a hot day)... and I'll usually eat a few handfuls of mixed nuts or macadamia nuts as well.

- T.O.D.

PS... It's not just a social ride... that's how we sucker you in

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