WE ALL KNOW THE POWER OF O.P.M., other people's money.  Some of us know about Other People's Power.  Fewer know how to harness its magic. 

On Saturday, I'll be racing.  Most likely a road race, though the call of the dirt is strong....

My mobile mechanic stopped by last week.  It had been a while.  Before he got started, I could see this catatethebird smile... he couldn't contain himself...

I took you advice.

Uh... which advice?

About LoToJa?

Yeah, which part?

(I've given this kid so much advice... mainly because he listens.)

About not working.

Oh yeah... the old, Only lead across the finish line trick... and?

I won.

You won!


This advice works exceptionally well at LoToJa - a 200 mile race across 3 states to Jackson Hole WY.  It works because:

1.  There are a lot of people who are all geeked up and can't control themselves, and they are more than willing lead for miles and miles.
2.  See #1.

There's just no reason to get in their way. 

You'd be a fool to steal their glory.

Let 'em have it...

... and for heck's sake, be the last one to lead (ie:  win the darn thing!)

It's not the only way to win a race, but it's definitely a handy skill to have should the situation present itself.  Just takes a fair amount of patience and fakery.

... I wonder if I'll be able to use it Saturday...

One thing I can use Saturday is my Wild Child Socks


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