DIGITAL VS ANALOG - sponsored by Conti

DIGITAL VS ANALOG - sponsored by Conti


28 days active -> 31 days of living life

666mi -> a devilish number for a saint like me

53h 4m-> hours of inexpressible joy, mingled with pain

48,786ft -> every summit followed by a ripping descent

2658 kudos received -> nothing compared to a call from a loved one

New PRs 103 ->  I can't remember one that mattered

It sure is swell of ol' Strava to take out the abacus and do all these calculations because it puts it all in perspective...

I'm a helluva lucky guy.

But, the luck doesn't stop here...

Check this out -> Conti was so impressed with the PEDALposse's Strava numbers they gave us a BUY ONE GET ONE deal on my most favoritist tires.

Use this code CONTIBOGO to get 50% savings when you buy 2 tires w/tubes (It actually works on 2 or more, but you didn't hear that from moi).

There's a catch... our group order goes in Friday 11/8/19, end of day.  Then, it will ship to the Interplanetary HQ where we will repack and ship to you on Thursday.

Here's the link:


165.4 lbs 
Gym Work
7 hrs sleep

Ride with us: click for info.