NOBODY GETS ELON'S SPACE-X LIKE WE DO.  For example, the final minute of our terrible penultimate climb is called Blastoff.  While I was more of a bottle rocket than a 4ofJuly today, I had nonetheless begun my countdown hours before.

Like a real astronaut.

Because our arena of competition is so vast - the entire planet Earth! - we have weird things no other sports have.  First timer BL reminded me of this on the ride.

Meet me at the corner at 602.

That's a weird time.

I know, but that's when we get there and you don't want to be late or you'll miss the ride which leaves at 625.

Of course, for brevity, I left out a whole bunch of other minute markers.

Dinner by 7.

Prep bike and bottles.

PJs by 9.

Stretch and roll.

Sleep by 930.

Wake up 5.

Dressed by 530.

Out the door by 538.

Meet the locals at 550.

All of which when done right gets me to the launch pad on time, to be reminded of all the sinning I did last night eating pizza and wings and ice cream with my childrens.

None of which would be any fun if the rest of posse wasn't doing their own countdowns... getting their spacesuits on, putting Tang in their bottles, air in their tires...

... yeah, Elon, you're cool... but we're launching multiple times a week.

You know what else we're launching?... our retail kits.  We have a very limited selection of inventory.  I expect this will sell out, but don't let it worry your pretty little helmetcovered head.   We're making more all the time.

These are our famous Speed Jerseys and Pro Bibs.

I shouldn't do a promo code, because I know they're going to sell out.  In fact, I won't. But... if you're a really clever girl, you may have remembered the secret code that always works - SAVE10... don't tell JJ, my CFO... keep it on the downlow.


165 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hours sleep

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