ONCE UPON A TIME I TRIED MY HAND AT RACE PROMOTION.  Me being me, it wasn't just any race it was a new format aimed at expanding racing across the globe.  My pal Mike believed in it enough to invest.  The vision was grand.

We called the races HUNKR - Hundred Kilometer Race.

The format was this:  everybody starts together, everybody ALWAYS raced exactly 100k, party after.

Why that format?  Starting together gave a shared experience for everybody, always racing 100k allowed for racers to chase their PR, party after because party after.

Even as I write this I wish I could be training for a HUNKR.

We'd all be training together, getting ready for the big day.  Driving out together.  Lining up together... we'd try win it all, to win our age group, to PR, to win the team (5) competition.  

There were so many ways to win.

We had a $10,000 purse, split evenly between men and women.

Under 23 got in free.

The pros showed up, and the youngsters won the days.

It was the only road race in our county in the last 50 years - as far as I know.  We held it twice in OC and once in LA.  The LA version was a gravel race.  They were all a blast.

One of the best parts of being a promoter was seeing all the joy on people's faces as they finished.  There is no way we could have pulled it off without all the volunteers who helped nor without the support of the 9 different public entities we coordinated with.  It was a huge team effort.

If ya can't tell... I like competitions.

And just like HUNKR, this is one I'd do for sure...


Yep, we're giving away a custom RaceDay™ bag with over $1000 in merchandise = $500 in cash for your next race.

... and because I like lots of ways to win, we'll have 3 winners + $750 in gift cards for others + other swag.

All the details are here:  pedalindustries.com/contest

You literally cannot lose on this one... there's something for everyone that takes part.

But, don't click if you don't want a new custom RaceDay Bag™ + a new custom Speed Kit + new shoes + other awesome merch + $500 in cash towards your next race.

I mean who would want that? 

Uh... I WOULD!

But, I'm not allowed to enter.  Ugh.

Check it out: pedalindustries.com/contest

And... It's really, really dig it if you'd enter and share the message.  


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