• Was so excited to ride hard today, I could barely sleep.
  • Woke up early, still left late.
  • PR'd getting to the meet up.
  • Had a genius idea on the way home....

Put on your biking clothes.


Kit up, and ride towards me.


Because we're gonna go to Moulin and indulge ourselves.


Now why in Todd's name would I invite Surfergirl to crash my Tuesday tradition of riding with the fellas?  What could I possibly be thinking?

It's pretty obvious, really.

1.  I ride the last 40+ minutes alone on Tuesdays.  Most of the time I'm so smoked one would hardly call it riding.  I'm barely able to turn the cranks. 

2.  Most Tuesdays, Surfergirl isn't surfing.  She has a beautiful bike that needs riding.  Her pace will synch up nicely with my slog.

3.  We both enjoy delicious croissants smothered in goodness.

But, for sure there was one more reason...

... I knew I could bribe into listening to the blowbyblow of the ride.

You're gonna think I'm just trying to sell a bill of good on this next part, but you'd be wrong.  What I'm going to do is try and convince you to do what I did this morning... because I really do want the best for you.

Not only was I excited.  Not only did I spend a good 20 minutes a day on my legs with the HyperVolt.  Not only was I off the bike Sunday, and riding easy yesterday.  

TBH, I do the above almost every week any way.

But, this morning I did something I hadn't done since I was ramping up the intensity for Dirty 30 way back in November...

... and it's the reason I left a little late for the ride.

I would put a picture here, but I don't want to give it away to the speed readers.  This is really good info, just for you and me.


You'll want to use this promo code:  TRADITIONS

Sometimes I put the promo code on the product page, but not this time.  This time it's just for the careful readers.

PS... is Surfergirl invited next week?  Hellyeah, it's a great tradition.


162.6 lbs 
Stretch and HyperVolt
6.5 hours sleep