ENTER OFFICE TODD.  Not me.  The CHP.  On his way to patrol the canyon we ride, in the hopes of finding the kook who buzzed the riders last week, he stopped everybody for a little lecture.

Guys, I'm on the way to see if we can't find the person who buzzed you in the white BMW last week.

Can you make my job easier?


Please ride no more than 2 abreast in the bike line.

That was it.  Just a dude, doing a thankless job, and being awesome about it.

Guess what?

We're gonna do our best to make his job easier.

PS If you can identify this jackass in the 2014 BMW M5, let me know.  

CA License 8JUJ265


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  • JackAss on

    He there. So, looking at the photo above I am not sure what you have a problem with. Clearly the driver is as far as they can get to the left of you without crossing the double yellow lines on a curve. You can’t really tell but it looks like you’re not all the way to the right as you should be. And, your post above is a big LIE to your bubble group as you know that this reported incident did not happen anywhere near where there was a bike lane. So, what you didn’t tell Officer Todd is that you frequently ride the canyons in your group in two and three abreast formation. Blocking traffic, forcing people to cross over the double yellow line, flipping people off and making stuff up about this car in your post. This post was brought to my attention today. If you come find me I’ll tell you where that jackass lives. But, here’s the sentiment in the canyon regarding guys like you: Yep, you are a nuisance and you endanger peoples lives every time you ride a canyon road with no bike lane. It looks to this person like everything the “jackass” is doing is kind of ok. Did you follow up with officer Todd? Did he tell you about the conversation with the Jackass? Has he given you a or anyone in your peloton a ticket yet. Very odd that you would put this out there when all signs point to the owner of Pedal Industries in San Clemente creates dangerous situations and blame outcomes on others decision making. Yea!

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