NOTHING LAST FOREVER.  Why is that so hard to remember, especially when racing.  Not the tallwind blowing us up the road, not the highhigh climb pounding us into submission...

... it all will change. 

I was going over race strategies with a friend today who was mentally rehearsing his planned training ride tomorrow.  He's prepping for Leadville.

I'm gonna charge every hill as hard as I can.

You shouldn't do that.

But, I want to.

Yeah, you and every other sparklypuppy with fresh legs on raceday.  You do that and you'll be blown to pieces on the second half of the race.

.... hmmm....

Not hmmm, you want to be humming because that freshness is gonna fade into superstaleawfulness.

What should I do?

The first thing we should do is remember nothing lasts forever.

Not the pleasures, 
nor the pains,
of racing.

We need to embrace the pain and grind through it...

... and embrace the pleasure and make it last.

These are superpowers only those on the edge of personal paramount performance learn to harness.


You know what else doesn't last forever?  Riding buddies.  The great Chris is moving away in a few weeks, today was our last ride together...

... cherish your friends, they will eventually move on too.


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7.8 hrs 88%
Body Water 61%
Pull Ups + Power PushUps + Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
70 minutes reading + Journaling