MY BUDDY WAS LAMENTING HOW CROWDED HIS GYM IS RIGHT NOW.  Apparently it's a storm he weathers each January.  Not us.  The biggest storm most of us are weathering is...

... whether or not the covers are going to keep us trapped in bed.

The roads and trails and trainers are open for business and there's plenty of unused capacity.


Speaking of unused capacity... apparently my pals Pete and Dave had some unused friendhelperness...

My tire sprung a leak shortly after the group got going... I pulled over and so did they!  yes! 

Like a well-trained F1 team we had her lifted, swapped and dropped in seconds... allowing us to easily catch back on for the meatypainy part of the ride.

That was cool.


Speaking of cool... I roped in new a rider for today's edition.

Her take after being dropped:  hard ride, cool people.

... she'll be back.


Speaking of being back... ace designer Joe is back with a beautiful kit celebrating our weekly group ride The Tuesday Morning World Championships, aka TMWC.

Normally, we don't share this code with the unwashed... but, over the years, we've shipped the annual TMWC kit across the country - heck out of the country.  So, why not share it with all of ya's?

Here's the code:  TEAMTMWCCODE

It saves you 20% and expires at mid-night on 1/13/2020.

Meanwhile... if you're looking for a beautiful kit design, letmeknow.


7 hrs sleep

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