I HAD PLANNED TO WRITE THIS BIG DRAMATIC END OF THE SEASON POST ABOUT THE SEASON.  Then, I got home after a scorching Filthy 50 and melted into the couch.  I was completely drained, vowing never to do it again.

Yesterday pretty much sums up my season.  Set a giant goal, train to the point of not loving it, recover like no other, shock myself with the result, collapse in exhaustion.

24 hours later, and I feel a lot better... even starting to have fond feelings for the Filthy.

Which means if I'm really calling it a season, my collapse is going to extend for an entire week.

A week off the bike.

Do you think I'll make it?

Monday will be easy to resist - I'm pretty achey from the cramps I was fighting the last 20 miles.

Tuesday will be the last Market Ride of the year - it ends with the time change... so, I might ride.

Wednesday is pretty packed with work commitments, I should be good there.

Thursday I'm planning to surf with my brothers, which isn't really resting, but we are overdue for a board meeting.

Friday, oh Friday and it's cherished meditation/journal session... that'll be tough, maybe if I just ride really, really easy it won't count... or maybe I'll just fire up the scooter and get the journaling done.

Saturday, to try and make it impossible to ride I am thinking of camping Friday night and leaving the bikes behind.

Well, that's the plan for now.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure I'll falter... but I sure do need some rest.