NOBODY EVERY WON A RACE DRAFTING.  The only way to win is by being in front.  Leading.

Which means taking chances.

Sure we can sit and hide and conserve.  

But, sooner or later we've got to lead or we'll never cross the finish line first.

Which means work.

Working out what it takes to be the leader at the only moment that counts.

Is it sprinting for the win?
Breaking away?
Out cornering?
Out climbing?

There's a million ways to win,
all of them require risk
and commitment
and vision.

None will be accomplished in someone else's draft.

Nor with a rotten drive train,

This is my go to combo.  Wend's Wax-Off chain cleaner and Smoove's wax-based lubricant.

Super easy, super fast and super clean.

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164.2 lbs 
Legs/Shouders/100 Pushups
8 hours sleep
rained out

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.


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