TOMORROW SORTAKINDA MARKS THE FIRST DAY TOWARDS MY QUEST, the quest being MTB Marathon Nationals.  I'll be meeting the fellas, and from what I've spied on Starva there will be pain.

Legs will be chopped off.

Arms turned to noodles.

Throats singed.

Lungs burned.

Eyes gouged.

Ears... will be filled with the shrieks of misery.

My fastest friends are meeting for an It'll take 'bout 4 hours ride.  I looked at the estimates, and from what I can gather I'd have to PR every segment of the route to be able to do it under 4 1/2 hours.

There's nothing like a good thrashing to get the motivation going... motivation to train, eat, rest right proper.

So, I'll ride to the pain.

Raise your bottle if you're with me... and repeat it... To the pain!

Of course I won't feel all the pain because I'm gonna lather up with a heap of PR Lotion... as I'm sure all these cats will.  Times like tomorrow I regret sharing all the secrets.

If you're gonna be riding To the pain! soon... click on this link and enjoy the extremely entertaining video.

Ships free in USA.


165.4 lbs 
Coach Loran Live - tons of upper body
6.5 hours sleep - crazy dreams

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