THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN at a race amongst strangers.  Some go The Hulk route, dancing and prancing menacingly loudly during the warm up and on the start line... 

... I prefer the tact used by  Dread Pirate Roberts.

In fact, I even had my favorite line from the pirate printed on my special one-off kit a few years ago...

... No One Of Consequence.

That's exactly what you want the competition thinking when they look over at you.

If you are friendly, humble, meek,
If you point things out and ignore the Hulks,
If you pull through at the correct pace vs gapping everyone,
If you ham it up on the hard efforts with your tongue hanging out...

... competitors will automatically take you off the predator list.

Then, you move in for the kill.


The thing about the Dread Pirate Roberts was he had all kinds of skills and tricks...

... if you're up for a challenge to learn some of mine  Click here.


163.9 (Fatter's Day)
7 hrs 81%
Body Water 60.9%
Pull Ups + Power PushUps + Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
75 minutes reading + Journaling