I'D FINALLY DID IT.  Committed that from today forward, every Friday would feature a lunch ride.  Not a beat down, but an upbeat friendly sorta thing.

I geared up.

Took a meandering dirt and street route over to Kawamata Sea Food.

The weather couldn't have been better.

Just me for the first go.  Mainly to prove to myself I could and would quit working for a bit at Noon vs my usual 2pm.

I was quite proud, thinking this is great.  It's mid-day and I'm out riding.  This route is cool.  The posse is gonna dig it.  And oh man I can't wait for a delicious poke bowl.

About half the seats outside were open.

Leaned HVY MTL (my gravel bike) by a table for two and jettisoned helmet, glasses and gloves.

Walked in, ordered... and the horror... Cash only, bro.

I'd forgotten my RaceDay wallet.

-> insert sad trumpets here <-

Dejected.  I did the walk of shame to my bike.

Not all is lost.  I proved to myself I can make the schedule work, and really that's all I needed for a win.

At least I didn't forget my commitment.

Probably because I was wearing this ridiculously soft, 100% t-shirt.

It's an athletic cut, not a boxy thang.  You're an athlete, right?

There's a bunch more I could tell ya... but just get it.  You'll freakin' lub it.


164.6 lbs 
Gym Work
6.5 hrs sleep - not enough
60 min ride

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