WE HAVE THIS RIDE THAT USED TO BE JEKYLL N HYDE.  Tuesday was very Hydish, vicious and unforgiving.  Thursday was refined and sophisticated, like Jekyll himself.

But something has happened...

... Jekyll can no longer confine the younger, cunning killer that is Hyde.

I keep inviting people on down to do the gentleman's version on Thursday... ya know, to spin the legs out and enjoy a coastal cruise... and they keep getting shot out the back.

Last week, I did something I never do... stop to help a comrade fix a flat... just to get outta the uncivilized society.

This week, was something unheard of... while trying to shame one of my friends who lives high on the hill into taking letting me drive him home... he actually said, Yes please.  Poor baby.

What the H-E-doubletoothpicks is going on here?

Of course, as I'm prepping this weak rant in my mind, EasyE sends a text with some punk CTS coach on YouTube talking about all the ways masters racers can maintain their fitness.  #1 being...

... keep up the intensity.

Just not on Thursdays, please.

2-3 intense days a week is plenty.

Can't win 'em all, shouldn't race 'em all.

Speaking of 2-3, I'm feelin' a Buy2Get1 promo...

 Is there a better time of year to get the softest, best fitting tshirt a cyclist ever wore?

Buy 3 tshirts, and when you use promo code: HYDE

The 3rd tshirt is fffffree.


165 lbs 
Paddle Surf
7 hours sleep