WHEN JEFF WAS A SUPER-COOL SENIOR 3 and I was a super-lame Senior 4 (these were the olden days before Categories and 5s), I could only look on in shy, humiliating admiration.

When he saw my calf he shook his head and said...

Clean off that Senior 4.


That grease tattoo down there.

That's Jeff.  Always teaching.

These days, between racing and adventures, he dominates the wire bending scene in Park City.

He uses his stories of racing The Crusher and riding the cobbles of Belgium to inspire his tribe to get quickly across the finish line with a beautiful smile.

With the biz justifiably picking up the tab.

-> Never, ever take advice financial from a cyclist <-

You can do the same thing and here's a great place to start:

Our minimum order is 1 item.  One. Uno. As in a single product.

Don't own a biz?... run it past your marketing department, they're always looking for ways to promote.  Or, maybe start a side hustle.

As long as we're talking about your wallet, here's a nifty favorite of mine.  Made from inner tube, it's svelte and secure and stays put in your jersey pocket.

This one will remind you to ride your bike, and be a great conversation piece to tell your businesses story.



166 lbs
gym work
8 hrs sleep
1 hr ride

Ride with us: click for info. 


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