I WOULDN'T SAY HE FOUND ME ON THE TRASH HEAP OF LIFE, but my trajectory at the time wasn't the best.  Back then, he was an internationally famous '84 Olympian with 2 gold medals.  I was a retired high school varsity tennis player on a bad team, trying to learn how to race my bike.

We started riding together.  Him, to nudge me along the right path.  Me, enjoying being a voyeur on his giant life.

We became the best of friends.
The wives became friends.
The kids became friends.

We kept riding together.  I dragged him down to the original Coffee Crew.  He dragged me to higher places.  Along the rides, we shared the trials of raising a family, losing parents, career choices, finding faith etc.

We were neighbors in Irvine, riding a lot of road.
He moved to Foothill Ranch, we followed and we all got really into mountain biking - eventually doing Vision Quest. 
He moved to Coto, suddenly we were there too and with no good group ride we started The TMWC
Then off to San Clemente, ... but didn't follow them to Australia for 3 years.

This week, freshly back in the States, he jumped into The TMWC with his characteristic I'm in terrible shape... and did just fine.  Which is proof, that I finally taught PViddy something after nearly 30 years...

... never, ever say I feel great when heading out for a ride... even to your best friend.

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