I HAVE A NASTY HABIT BATTLE GOING... not the Flying Nun kind.  This is the kind of habit battle that could kill a rider if he wasn't careful. That's how habits are, they get burned in...

... and can leave us burned out.

I'm not burned out yet.  But, as they say...

.. the struggle is real.

The first habit is the wind down.  Each evening, around 9 or so, I start shutting 'er down.

You know... mindless TV, stretching, and some serious HyperVolting.

This process lasts about an hour.  It's enjoyable and signals to my helmet holder Time to sleep big boy.

That's a pretty good habit to have, resulting in nearly 8 hours of sleep most nights.

The other habit is every Tuesday morning...

... up at 5am.

Meet the boys and girls at the corner for the weekly leg ripping affair.

Also a good habit, keeping us all light and lean cycling fiends.

And there is the nasty battle....

Like today.

The wind down started at 930 last night, ended at 1020.  

The 5am habit sometimes is so locked in I rise sans alarm at 450.

Result, 6 1/2 hours of sleep.

Heap on a true beatdown of ride like today...

... and The Old Diesel morphs into The Worthless Very Old Diesel.

But Diesel, start the wind down earlier... you'll be fine.  

I hear you. 

But these two habits are deep.

Like ruts...

... you know, Ruts!

... graves with the ends kicked out.

Hopefully, this battle won't kill me...

... and Friedrich I'm derned sure it ain't makin' me stronger!

The thing that is saving me, I believe, is that HyperVolt.

It's the weirdest recovery tool I've ever used.

Most recovery is awful.

Ice bath : Misearable

Epsom Salt Bath : Awkward and messy

Essential Oils : Hard to tell

Massage : Costly and time consuming

You probably have a few secret home remedies you swear by, but I don't.  I didn't.  Until I got my hands on one of these.

If I could distill it down to one sentence, and I can, I'd say...

... A few minutes on the painful muscles and the pain goes away.

If I could shrink that down to one word, and I will, I'd say ...

... Easy.

By easy I mean it's super easy to use.  Super convenient.  

And, you'll be super happy if you use this super promo code which will save you $$$$ and get you free shipping.

The code is WINTHEBATTLE and it will save you 35 smackers.


24 PullUps 48 PushUps
6.3 hours sleep