I ALWAYS NAME MY BIKES.  It gives them soul.  Connects us better.  Let's me love it up when detailing it, and ride it hard when racing.  

The names come fast.  Sometimes before I even ride it.

There's The Marvel, my Specialized Allez with the rad fork design.  Right off, it reminded me of the start of a Marvel movie... superhero kinda stuff.  And I'll be damned if I haven't ridden some super heroic days on that bike.

Sparky is my Scott Spark.  First ride, I knew it was gonna be Sparky.  That bike makes me feel young again.  Like a teen fulla zest and pluck.  Sho' 'nuff, me 'n Sparky just PR'd Leadville.

HVY MTL is my gravel/rain/play/got no plans bike.  It's steel, a special edition Specialized collab with Merz.  It's heavy.  It's fun.  There are no rules with this bike.  Just today I was jumping curbs, carving single track, and loping along the gravel goodness.  This is my no agenda bike and I love it.

If you don't name your bikes... maybe that'll inspire ya.  

If you do... do tell... what are their names and why?


165.4 lbs.
10 pull ups/30 push ups
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