AS I ENJOY A BIT OF MICROFAME, I have had to deal with a number of trolls.  It's flattering, and kinda fun to have a few haters who just don't get..

... who I am.

The two biggest trolls are of my own making, and they are constantly on my case.

In fact, they stalk me on most of my rides.  Someone must have doxed me on Strava...

... it's super annoying!

The first is this young punk.  Always making fun of me, and egging me on.

Jump that gap!

Get off the brakes!

Stop sitting in, attack!

(Have you seen either of these troublemakers?)

There other is an old coot couch rider.  He yells I shouldn't be attempting any of my quests.

Slow down for hecksakes!

Give it a rest, grampa!

You can't do that!

Like I said, trolls are pretty funny and generally quite pathetic.  I just laugh it off, and stick my plan...

... that's who I am.

What do you do with your trolls?

I don't think any of them could take the challenge...

... trolls are all talk. 


7.5 hrs Sleep
18 minutes of strength
20 minutes recovery 
90 minutes reading + Journaling